Hey guys!

I am Kim Fabienne Hertinger a dedicated filmmaker from Würzburg.

I have written the script for “Meer bei Nacht” (Sea at Night) to draw attention to special form of dementia: The Korsakoff`s syndrome.

Regional filmmakers and artists helped me to set up this great project. The university clinic of Würzburg and the local theatre “Chambinzky e. V.” helped us with words and deeds and gave us the chance to shoot our short film in their locations.

Furthermore, this project was sponsored by the promotion of culture of the city of Würzburg and was supported by “TakeNet GmbH”.

Thanks a lot, to everyone involved!


Director Biography – Kim Fabienne Hertinger





Raised in a Franconian village as the first child of Birgit and Wolfgang Hertinger, she discovered her love for performing arts already at the age of four. To foster her talents, her parents enabled her to attend art classes and drama groups. She kept that interest till adult age, but changed her position from on stage to behind the camera.

After graduation of middle school in 2006, she attended a technical college and graduated as “technical assistant for informatics”. This qualification enabled her to catch up for her A level on second-chance education. So, from 2008 to 2011 she attended the Bayernkolleg in Schweinfurt. There, after some past calamities, she was able to focus on her passion, the filmmaking, again. A school`s project, enabled Kim F. Hertinger to cinematize a script, she wrote. The result was the short film “Vitesse” about the inner life of a misunderstood boy, who becomes a spree killer. The movie won at the French “Festival Vidéo Jeunes Franco-Allemand 2010” the “Award of the city Trévières”.

This was a motivation for Kim F. Hertinger to hold on to her dreams of becoming a filmmaker. So, in 2010 she applied for the Certificate course at the London Film Academy. To pay the high fees, she took various jobs beside her academic commitment. During her time in London she benefited from making international contacts and the participation on three short films and as director of one of them (“Kitchen Sink Drama”).

Back in Germany, she finished school and passed her A level. To have a “Plan B” beside filmmaking, on the one side and because of her interest in the human behavior and decision making, on the other side, she started her studies in psychology at the Julius-Maximilians-Universität at Würzburg in 2011. Also here, she used every possibility to keep in touch with her passion. That is why, in 2012, she added the minors “media psychology” and “movie science” to her timetable.
The wish to replace filmmaking for her studies became stronger and stronger over the years. A failed application for the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in 2015 did not stop her from her motivation. To gather more practical experience, Kim F. Hertinger absolved an internship at the department “advertising film” at the communication designer Martina Chamrad. There, beside additional professional knowledge, she got to know other filmmakers around the city of Würzburg.

Out of this association, the concept for “Sea at Night” (Meer bei Nacht) was formed at the end of 2016. This project brought Kim F. Hertinger`s two subjects, psychology and film, together. The funding of the department for culture of the city of Würzburg and the support of local as well as national companies and artists, enabled to realize the script. It is Kim F. Hertinger`s first professional produced short film, which was shot in August 2017 and completed in November same year.